Do you sell products or services in the Mooresville area?

Advertise to the people who actually buy what you have to sell!

What is Mooresville Info?

Mooresville Info is an online business and information directory for your Mooresville area customers. It is a locally-focused guide dedicated to people that actually buy what you sell.

Why does it exist?

Its purpose is to create a cooperative brand for Mooresville area businesses that allows them to “cost share” with their advertising. Think of it as an online version of a mall­—one location with many things to see.

How does it work?

Chances are, you’re already in the directory! If not, we can put you there for FREE! Mooresville Info is promoted through paid search results and social media advertising at no cost to our advertisers or users. However, local businesses do have the opportunity to purchase additional ads and social media placements (see below).


Advertising Opportunities

*These are monthly subscriptions. You can cancel at anytime.  

Discounts – $100/Month   

Digital coupon for customers to present in-person or with a discount code for online purchases.
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Display Ads (FREE Ad Design) – $150/Month

Display an ad on the Home page and a respective Category page that connects customers directly to your listing or website. 


Job Postings  – $100/Month

Build awareness for an open position to people who are actually in the area. A clickable job posting with a brief description and link you want job seekers to visit will be created and posted.


Monthly Social Media Post — $60/Month

Promote your business with a social media post each month through the official Mooresville Info Facebook page.